interaction design strategy and consultancy, MetaDesign San Francisco, 2000-2001

MetaDesign is a leading international branding and design firm. Client-based interaction design and research focused on emerging technologies. I participated in projects that included: branded interface and information design for an interactive television product, strategic design research for networked home appliances, and interaction recommendations for the future hardware and software design of a leading mobile device.

In the domain of mobile devices, we developed user interface recommendations for visual interface, hardware and interaction design. We offered perspective on: the market and user research picture for mobile devices; color, type and resolution implications of next generation technology; and recommendations as to hardware mechanisms for interacting with the graphical user interface. I was primarily involved in developing user research and hardware interaction. User research studies involved focus group work, interviews with individual users, trend collection, and scenario creation. Recommendations for interaction were located within a survey and usability audit of competitive products.

In the domain of home appliances, my involvement included branded user interface development for interactive television and strategic research in networked home appliances. For the next generation of a TV product, for example, we developed specifications for visual interface design, hardware usability and branded look-and-feel. Another example is a project self-initiated by a colleague and myself for our client strategy group. Based on extensive secondary research, we analyzed the emerging domain of networked home appliances. Our analysis consisted of three trajectories: product and technology topology, interaction and interface topics, and product experience. As a strategic tool, we created a series of visualizations and a presentation document.

Deliverables included: market surveys; strategic analysis; interaction flows; schematics and wireframes; audits of existing and competitive products; moodboards; scenarios and storyboards; user interface guidelines; documentation and strategic writing.

My role
I was part of a new team focused on interaction design at MetaDesign San Francisco. I participated in user research, including focus groups and interviews, market and design trend research, user interface design guidelines and interaction models, and brand and usability-oriented product strategy. My role as an interaction designer was often to complement a visual design perspective with improved product usability and interaction. My interactions with clients included presenting design solutions, project pitches and planning project scope.

For reasons of client confidentiality, description of the projects is limited to explaining my involvement and capabilities and client names are withheld.

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