student and freelance projects, 1994+

Royal College of Art, London
, UK
MA(Hons), Computer Related Design, 1998 2000

The Computer Related Design (CRD) course was initiated in 1990 by Gillian Crampton Smith. CRD was one of the first educational programs in the field soon to be called interaction design. My main tutors included Bill Gaver, Nick Durrant, Fiona Raby and Tony Dunne. Projects included:

Mixers, with Monica Bueno, participatory design of a messaging system for an elder university (honorable mention in the Helen Hamlyn DesignAge competition)

Connecting Flights, an airline entertainment experience

Local Beat, a neighborhood affective monitoring system

Nomadic Audio, a location-based audio experience

Street Signs, an information strategy for community groups

Tales of the City, written thesis (departmental honors)

Interface projects, software, tangible & system interfaces from my first year

Freelance and other work experience, 1996+

I have worked as a designer, project manager and editor on a freelance basis and for previous employers. This includes content development for publishing and exhibition projects, database and website design, critical writing and editing. Among others, this has included projects for:  

Marc Dilet, architect, Paris, FR

ANY Corporation (Architecture New York), US 

Wert & Company, design recruitment firm, New York, US

Deamer + Phillips, architecture firm, New York, US

Lookout, book packager and publisher, New York, US