MFA Design program, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, 2014+

The MFA in design was launched in 2014 as a multi-disciplinary program. Arguing that society needs different kinds of thinking and expertise, the program offers exploration of and specialisation within the expanding field of design. Joining the faculties of interior architecture and industrial design, students pursue specializations in spatial design or in their own study plan in design. Students' creative processes, artistic standpoints and critical positioning are developed within experimental, situated and often collaborative work. To further this competence development, the program applies pedagogic theories, terminologies and teaching formats. The first-year includes the courses Orientations, exploring the expanded field of design, focused and themed project Explorations, Re-Orientations, deepening the field through critical and research perspectives, and Outlooks, placements in professional contexts. Project work, a goal-oriented study plan and ongoing reflections are collected in the student's academic portfolio, or ATLAS, which is a basis for examination.

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Photo from a workshop at the MFA launch in autumn 2014

My role
I am among the founding faculty of the Design program, which comprises 120 ECTS credits with about 30-35 students per year. For the first 6 months of the program, I was responsible as process leader.

My responsibilities as process leader included: coordinating faculty to make course syllabi and course descriptions and to develop pedagogic models and teaching formats; developing budget, workshop and other policies and procedures with department heads; overseeing website audit and revisions and a comprehensive student guide; communicating with faculties in both departments. My faculty and teaching responsibilities include: contributing to course syllabi, formulating course descriptions (see below for my course), teaching including lectures and workshops, tutorials, reviews, exhibits and exams. I supervised 2 MFA theses in Industrial Design, which consist of a written essay, an oral exam and exhibition for a large public audience. I am also course leader for the Summer Xskool with John Thackara.

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