Exploration Second-Hand, modules in the course Introduction and broadening of perspectives, MDE100 2014-2015, 12+6 credits

In this Exploration, we explored processes of and perspectives on second-hand – (un)doing industrial materials and production, (re)making of aesthetic qualities and categories, mis/uses that (re)direct places and ecologies. From an artistic basis in interior architecture and design, the aim is to develop students' processes and discourses concerning materials and use, within spatial, (eco)systemic and socio-cultural contexts. Through experimenting with different second-hand perspectives, the goal is that they will be better able to articulate your processes, techniques, methods and roles. Invited by Elin Strand Ruin, architect at Tema, Exploration Second-Hand takes as point of departure the refurbishment underway at VINNOVA, the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems. Students research, experiment with, and propose futures for the interior architecture, furniture, design artifacts and services.

This is a studio- or project-based course with a pedagogic approach involving iterative experiments. There are also regular 'reading circles', a 'show&share' exhibit, and exams. Students approach the issue of second-hand through hands-on experimentation starting with materials, then bringing in the social, and then exploring context and systems. This progression is reflected in the sequence of tasks through which students which revisit, revise, elaborate and specify their project recursively:
Task 1 – Second-hand materials
Task 2 – Second-hand uses
Task 3 – Second-hand (eco)systems

Image (above)
Photo of site visit to VINNOVA

My role
I co-taught this Exploration with Professor Ulrika Karlsson in 2014-2015. My responsibilities include: development of course module descriptions, pedagogic models and teaching formats; creating, tutoring and grading student work, lectures, reviews and exams. Guests in the course included Mariana Alves, Karin Ehrnberger, Farvash Razavi Kashani, Cecilia Lundbäck, Elin Strand Ruin, Veronica Bröderman Skeppe, Kivi and Tuuli Sotamaa. It is a full-time course attended by all 11 first year students in the MFA Design program.

More about the course
In-progress blog with student projects, schedule and syllabus

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