Urban Ecologies, Prototyping Experiences of a Sustainable and Resilient Albano Campus, MSc studio in Sustainable Urban Design and Planning, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, AD2863 2013, 3 credits

The studio 'Urban Ecologies' is part of a new program in Sustainable Urban Design and Planning that spans KTH departments of Architecture and the Built Environment and Environmental Strategies Research. A module within the took a starting point in Albano –  initialized in 2009 due to the need of more premises for Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Albano is a campus that will include 100,000m2 of university premises and 1100 student flats. The ambitions for developing this new campus area in accordance with sustainability principles are high, and in 2010 Akademiska hus commissioned an investigation of the area and planned campus from the perspective of socio-ecological resilience. In this crash course, we systematically explore and apply concepts of 'resilience'.

The course is divided into two main parts: “what is” and “what if”. The first week focuses on “what is” – through field and literature based research we identify problems and develop planning proposals around opportunities related to a socio-ecological resilient campus. The second week we shift from "what is" to "what if" –  students develop 'experience prototypes' of what their socio-ecologically resilient Albano could feel like, to spend time or live in at a human-scale.

Image (above)
Photo of an 'experience prototype' for the future Albano campus

My role
The module was led by Josefin Wangel, co-taught with Meike Schalk and myself. I was responsible with the other faculty, for course planning, teaching and assessment, and I took main responsibility for the 'experience prototype' perspective. The course was run full-time between Sept 9 - 24 for 35 students. It concluded with a critique of group and individual projects with guest experts and a public 'pecha kucha' presentation with another parallel course.

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