MSc Sustainable Urban Planning and Design program, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2013+

The program Sustainable Urban Planning and Design educates students as planners and designers with a deep and holistic understanding of the environmental conditions and societal needs of the future. Spanning world-leading interdepartmental competence at the Department for Environment and Planning, the School of Architecture, and the Department for Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Technology, the program provides a interdisciplinary study environment unique in Sweden. Students develop expertise for analysing, synthesising and coordinating complex planning and design tasks aimed at sustainable development. The curriculum is pursued through three profiles, or recommended course combinations, which represent different professional competences. Graduates from this programme sucessfully compete for local and international positions within the public sector, within architectural, planning and policy advisory firms, research institutes and NGOs. Coursework includes substantial time in studios and projects that train students in practical skills as well as deep understanding of planning and design practice.

Image (above)
Photo from exhibition of 2014 student projects at Årsta Folkets Hus

My role
The program comprises 120 ECTS credits, with 15-25 students per year in the studios. Within the profile 'urban planning and design', I have taught since 2013 primarily in the studios, as well as workshops and lectures in other courses such as 'Urban Ecologies' and Theory of Science and Research Methodology for Planning and Design'. I have had some responsibilities as program coordinator primarily concerning commnications and visibility. My teaching responsibilities include: formulating course descriptions, developing and conducting courses including lectures and workshops, tutorials, reviews, study trips, exhibits and exams. My courses are detailed separately (see also links below). I have supervised 3 MFA theses, which consist of a project pin-up or exhibition, a published booklet, and an oral presentation to the examiner and external guest critics.

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MSc Sustainable Urban Planning and Design program
Urban Planning and Design profile

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