Ljud/Sound, Göteborg University and two other universities

Ljud was a course exploring meetings across various related forms of expression across disciplines. It was developed and conducted as a collaboration among: the Faculty of Fine Arts at Göteborg University, including the School of Music, School of Photography and Film, Valand School of Art and the School for Design and Crafts (HDK), and, at Chalmers University, the Department of Architecture. The 11-week course had limited enrollment of 20 students, selected on the basis of a statement of interest and to include students from across the faculties.

The course aimed to provide students with knowledge and experience of various aspects of sound phenomena and expression. Teaching activities and students rotated among the faculties on a bi-weekly basis, through which a series of themes was explored:

– At the School of Music, focus was on sound as a means of communication, in which audio language and digital signals were investigated in terms of inter-personal communication.
– At HDK (with the Interactive Institute), we explored the relation among hearing and the other senses, isolating, identifying and crafting different audio experiences in the city.
– At Valand, the focus was on sound in relation to spatiality and form, asking questions about how sound relates to the ears and the brain, values and judgments.
– At Chalmers, focus was on engineering acoustics, exploring how sound is spread, the perception and functions of sound, architecture as sonic sequence and 3D scores. 

Level Masters (MA)
Credits 20
Dates 2004-2005
Number of students approximately 20

My role
The course was led by Staffan Mossenmark. In the first iteration of the course in 2004-2005, I was responsible, with the 7 other faculty members, for course planning, giving lectures and tutorials, and assessment. The course included seminars, group work and independent work, and final deliverables included a process diary and individual reflection, individual or group presentation, and an installation for exhibition. My primary teaching focus was on two weeks of full-time coursework at HDK, as well as participation in seminars and crits at the other faculties. The course concluded with a final exhibition and critique at the Big Love gallery, which was hosted by Margot Jacobs and the Interactive Institute.