Ubiquitous Computing
/ spring 2002 / tutors Peter Ljungstrand and Ramia Mazé
course description
This is a technically-oriented course supporting individual development of Interaction Design Student projects. The focus is on learning and applying technical skills, as well as learning means of formally documenting your work. Students should keep in mind the development of concepts and skills towards their final Degree project in Fall 2002.

The outcome of the project is one or more electronic prototypes, a written paper in scientific research style about the prototypes in relation to related work and research topics, and website documentation. Assessment will be based on participation in course activities, learning and progress throughout the course, and the final deliverables.
project list
Click here to see a list of the projects currently underway for the course.
Thursdays This day is reserved for course activities, workshops and tutorials throughout the term.
Electronics Workshops will be scheduled (dates) TBD on this day of the week.
Week 8
Feb 21 Tutorials 10:00-16:00 Peter, 13:30-17:00 Ramia
Handout readings for Music Workshop
Week 9
Feb 27
Research paper writing workshop
Feb 28 Music Workshop 13:30-16:00, Ramia and Lalya Gaye
13:30 introduction to music composition, electronic/interactive music history, relevant human-computer interaction and design issues, related projects
15:00 Discussion of readings handed out
Discussion related to current UbiComp student projects
16:00 Video: Electronic Music history (approx. 40 min.)
Week 10
Mar 7 10:00-16:00 Concept and technology tutorials
Required tutorial sign-ups with Peter and Ramia (can be scheduled seperately)
Week 11
Mar 13 Research paper writing workshop
Mar 14 10:00-14:00 Concept presentations and group discussion
Each project/group to present:
5 min. Written concept (to be emailed in advance to Peter and Ramia)
5 min. Supplementary material (visual/video inspiration, related work, sketches or artifacts created to date). We highly suggest documenting this as a web page (from your own laptops - to be uploaded to the server later) - this will allow you to focus on implementation in moving forward.
Week 12
Mar 21 Project Proposal due
(to be emailed in advance to Peter and Ramia)
Your project proposal should include a discussion of the concept, the technology, the related research work, and a timeline for completing the work. If you want your project to be included in the Universeum exhibition, you will need to decide by this date.

Work from here on out should be technical implementation and written documentation only. We hope that determination of components you will need for building electronics and all background research will be completed by now.
Week 18
May 2
Due: Final electronic piece(s)
  Rough Draft research paper
  90% finished website documentation
Week 22
May 28
Due: Final Draft research paper
  Final website documentation
(if project is part of Universeum Exhibition, website documentation due date is May 15)
Music Workshop Resources

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