Martin Avila, John Carpenter, and Ramia Mazé (2010) '3Ecologies: Visualizing sustainability factors and futures', in Proceedings of the LeNS Conference (Bangalore, India, Sept-Oct).

"3Ecologies makes visible factors affecting the sustainability of consumer products. Within engineering and economics, there are a variety of models for analyzing and 'predicting' the environmental factors such as energy, emissions and waste involved during production, consumption and disposal. We develop an expanded model, which emphasizes human impact and choices as well as potential consequences and futures. Psychological, sociological and environmental factors are mapped over time – throughout the lifespan (production, purchase, use, and disposal) and the extended lifecycle(s) of products. Case studies of familiar products in everyday life are developed to demonstrate the conceptual model, and three applications are proposed to reach designers, consumers and the general public. 3Ecologies uses diagrams and narratives to visualize the history and possible futures of products, including natural disintegration, active recycling and unexpected adaptations – an alternative view upon the 'life' of things that we might ordinarily take for granted." (abstract)

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