Ulrika Gunnersson-Östling, Thérèse Kristiansson, Ramia Mazé, and Meike Schalk (eds) (forthcoming 2015) Feminist Futures: Pedagogies for a critical spatial practice. Stockholm: Axl Books.

The book Feminist Futures has evolved from a course with lectures and workshops in fall 2011 organized by Critical Studies at the School of Architecture, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, at WISP (Women in Swedish Performing Arts) in Stockholm. The course assembled local and international practitioners, researchers and educators who, together with participants, explored feminist future images of an alternative society and lived utopias. Questions were raised such as: How can more just environments be created? What knowledge is needed, how this can be generated and mediated? What skills and know-how does architecture, design and arts education provide in relation to democracy and citizenship? How can future spatial practices meet the challenges posed by climate change, economic crisis, and uneven global development? The book has evolved through a series of forums, in which contributors, editors, and external peer-reviewers share and discuss in order to develop each chapter and common themes. Instead of anonymous peer-review, the book production is viewed as a collective effort through peer-to-peer learning within an expert network. Thus the production of the book itself becomes a pedagogical tool for practice, research and education.

The book is partly sponsored by a grant from Architecture in Effect, a strong research environment in Architecture Theory and Methodology funded by The Swedish Research Council Formas, at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, School of Architecture.

Authored chapter
Ramia Mazé and Josefin Wangel, 'Sustainable Futures'.

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