Thomas Binder, Peter Gall Grogh, Johan Redström, and Ramia Mazé (eds) (2005) Proceedings of the Nordic Design Research Conference (Copenhagen, May).

"'In the Making' is the theme of the first Nordic Design Research conference. The conference brings together contributions from researchers in universities, design schools and industry who share an interest in understanding and developing design as a trans-disciplinary practice that is always in the making. The scope of the conference reaches beyond the traditional design disciplines and includes other research areas with mutual interest in how people shape and make sense of things in an increasingly man-made world. ... Even though design and design research is by nature trans-disciplinary, we still need research communities to nurture and scrutiize our efforts to produce valuable knowledge that can expose, inform and not least challenge design practices. The contributions to the 'In the Making' conference consist of many voices drawing on inspiration from many sources. ... This conference is the result of the work of the program committeee brought together as a loose and evolving network of Nordic design researchers." (excerpts from the introduction)

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