Ramia Mazé (2004) 'Design and Use of Public Space' and 'Beyond Utility', in Proceedings of Outside In (Gothenburg, Sweden, June).

"Implicit in pairing the words ‘public’ and ‘space’ is the possibility for other combinations, for other types of space. With the phrase ‘public space’, we acknowledge that spaces, as phrases, are constructed, and that public space is not born, it is intentionally and actively produced. ...

... These examples surface critical issues about how we conceive of public space. ‘Public’ spaces such as our familiar parks and plazas, the ‘grand plan’ of cities such as those designed by Abercrombie, even ‘public spaces’ in cyberspace, are, for the most part, products of institutions, governments, and corporations, which in many cases are private or exclusive systems. Working consciously in relation to public space, we negotiate a position, outside or inside, both or neither, to the structures and strategies of such systems. ...

... From the presentation sessions, to the workshops, casual chats, and the party, a host of issues for research and practice surfaced during Outside In, an active exploration of the materials, strategies, and processes that proliferate and produce our public spaces. Beyond the original act of design, public, spatial forms are given new, meaningful, and artistic use by local cultures and creative practices. Artifacts are used, appropriated, and discarded, their material bi-products perhaps recyclable for aesthetic and critical purposes. Circling both form and material are creative processes, with potentials for supporting and stimulating cultural and social participation in the production of public space." (excerpts)

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