Ramia Mazé (2010) 'RE: Thinking Sustainability Critical thinking and design practice', in David Keyson and Shauna Jin (eds), Designing for Sustainable Living & Working. Delft, The Netherlands: VSSD, 29-40. ISBN 978-90-6562-244-0

"With the new challenges presented by climate and energy issues, design must reexamine its role in shaping and changing values – values within the sustainability discourse, implicit in the design practices that impact production and embedded in the products that shape practices of consumption. Recognizing that design has a profound power to influence consumer and societal values, we need to renew this role today. We might rethink how products influence beliefs and behaviors, and how the design of systems and interactions has the power to shape people's perceptions, experiences and values over time. This article reflects on a series of research projects developed at the Interactive Institute and suggests implications for rethinking the objects – and objectives – of design today." (excerpt)

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