Lars Erik Holmquist, Ramia Mazť, and Sara Ljungblad (2003) 'Designing Tomorrow's Smart Products', in Proceedings of Designing User Experiences (San Francisco, Jun).

"Designers will increasingly be facing the challenge of creating context-aware or 'smart' products – everyday objects that have embedded computation, sensing, and communication capabilities. Smart-Its is a prototyping platform for creating such objects, that is being developed in a European Union research project. A Smart-It is a very small computer equipped with wireless communication and a set of sensors. We describe how we approached the design of future user experiences and interactions based on the Smart-Its platform. Using scenario-based methods to support collaboration within a multi-disciplinary working group, we developed innovative demonstrators of how ž smartÓ objects support dynamic usage situations and new interactions in a restaurant setting. A group of designers were invited to provide feedback on design aspects of prototyping with Smart-Its. We found that our prototypes and design materials stimulated creative speculation about future interactive products." (abstract)

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