Sara Backlund, Magnus Gyllenswärd, Anton Gustafsson, Sara Ilstedt Hjelm, Ramia Mazé, and Johan Redström (2006) 'Static! The aesthetics of energy in everyday things', in Proceedings of the Design Research Society International Conference (Lisbon, Oct).

"Static! is a project investigating interaction and product design as a way of increasing our awareness of how energy is used in everyday life. Revisiting the design of everyday things with focus on issues related to energy use, we have developed a palette of design examples in the form of prototypes, conceptual design proposals and use scenarios, to be used as a basis for communication and discussion with users and designers. With respect to design research and practice, the aim has been to develop a more profound understanding of energy as material in design, including its expressive and aesthetic potential, thus locating issues related to energy use at the centre of the design process." (abstract)

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