Conference and event organization (a recent selection)

Helsinki Design Week ‘Design & Government’ workshop for civil servants organized by Anni Leppänen (D9, Finnish State Treasury), Minh-Nguyet Le (University of Potsdam), Ramia Mazé (Aalto University), Mariana Salgado (Inland Design, Finnish Immigration Service)), with students Helén Marton and Laura Lerkkanen, Helsinki City Hall (13 Sept 2018)

Helsinki Design Week ‘Book Talks – Dialogs on design and society,’ Design Museum (Helsinki, 11 Sept 2017)

‘DESIGN ACT’ public cultural program of organized by Magnus Ericson and Ramia Mazé through Iaspis / Konstnarsnämnden (Stockholm, 2008-2010)

Nordic Design Research (NORDES) biannual conferences (Copenhagen, 2005) (Helsinki, 2011) (Espoo, 2019)