Critical issues and future opportunities for design in healthcare was the topic of the 2011 annual Industrial Design department at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. From clinical practice to healthy lifestyles and community wellness, design products, services, and interactions, we explored the topic through lectures, discussions and activities. The morning program was open to the public, with presentations from Lena Wettergren (Karolinska Institutet), Nick Marsh (Sidekick Studios, UK), Anna Thies (Stockholm University), Oscar Frykholm (Royal institute of Technology), and Rahul Sen (Ergonomidesign). The afternoon program took place as hands-on concept development workshops with the bachelors and masters level industrial design students.

Discussions during the seminar raised issues such as: What are some considerations from the health and care perspectives for designers? What are roles for design? What do designers need to know, learn, do? How can healthcare have a better understanding of design? And vice versa? What kinds of collaborative setups work for innovation in this area? What research and design methods are needed?”

My role
I was invited to organize the seminar and was responsible for the theme and structure, managing the organizing team, inviting speakers and moderating the morning program. I initiated an online archive for this and future seminars. The seminar was developed in collaboration with Helena Söderberg (prefect) and a team of current or recently graduated students. Organizing team: Ramia Mazé with students Jennie Johansson, Andreij Nylander, and Tove Thambert; Graphic design: Rohan Jaguste; Web: Erik Westerdahl.

Course credits were not given for attending the required seminar. It was attended by about 70 BA and MA students as well as department faculty and the general public.

Design+Care is part of a collaboration between Konstfack and Kunskapslotsen, a project within the European Regional Development Fund that aims to increase collaboration and knowledge transfer between universities/collages and small to medium-sized companies in Stockholm.

Image (above)
Graphic design by Rohan Jaguste

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