Exhibitions featuring projects (a selection)

‘Design for Government’ exhibited in G. Julier (commissioner) and K. Savola (curator), Everyday Experiments, Finnish section at the XXII Triennale di Milano (Mar-Sept 2019)

‘Design for Government’ mini-documentary exhibited in P. Bello, K. Hagelstam, J. Kronqvist, H. Lehtinen, V. Tikka and E. Vesmanen (curators), Enter and Encounter, Design Museum (Helsinki, Mar-Oct 2017)

‘UTOPIA NOW HERE’ parallel program organized by M. Ericson, R., Mazé and M. Schalk in collaboration with Consulate General of Sweden within Z. Ryan (curator) 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial (Nov-Dec 2014)

Switch! ‘Power-Aware Cord’ at 4th Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Triennial (New York, spring 2010)

Switch! ‘Power-Aware Cord’ and ‘Flower Lamp’ exhibited in in C. Öhman, M. Jonsson, S. Backlund, T. Finnäs, E. Sjödin and B. Norberg (curators) Visual Voltage, global touring exhibition produced by the Swedish Institute (2008-2010)

Static! ‘Power-Aware Cord’ exhibited in EDF Corporate Foundation’s So Watt!, La Biennale Internationale du Design de Saint-Etienne, (Nov, 2008)

Static! ‘Power-Aware Cord’ exhibited in WIRED Magazine’s NextFest (New York, Sept-Oct 2006), IT+Textiles ‘Interactive Pillows’ and ‘Tic-Tac-Textiles’ and Static! ‘Energy Curtain,’ ‘Flower Lamp,’ and ‘Power-Aware Cord’ (2005) exhibited in WIRED Magazine’s NextFest, Chicago (June 2005)

IT+Textiles ‘Interactive Textiles’ exhibited in S. d’Ailly, L. Olausson and M. Sten (curators), Extra Ordinary, Kulturhuset (Stockholm, Aug-Oct 2005)

Public Play Spaces ‘Tejp’ exhibited in Keeping it Real, Living Art Museum and Reykjavik Art Museum (March 2004)