Keynotes and lectures (a recent selection)

Keynote ‘Control or Care? Politics of designing visions of the future,’ Papanek Symposium at Porto Design Biennial (Lisbon, 26 Sept 2019)

Pitch ‘Towards Responsible Research and Innovation Eco-Systems,’ EARTO European Association of Research and Technology Organizations (Helsinki, 3 Mar 2019)

Keynote Debate with Andrea Siodmok ‘Social & Public,’ Design Research Society DRS conference (Univ of Limerick, 27 Jun 2018) (video recording at the link)

Keynote ‘Feminist Modes and Politics of Design Practice,’ Swiss Design Network Research Summit (FNHW Academy Basel, 9 Mar 2018) (video recording at the link - go to Keynote K4 and start at 40min)

2016 Keynote ‘Mediations (and Politics) Of Design Agency,’ Traders EU-ITN international conference ‘Mediations,’ Royal College of Art (London, 21 Nov 2016)

Keynote Debate ‘(Speculative) Futures in Design Research,’ Design Research Society DRS conference, Brighton University, 28 Jun 2016)(audio recording at the link)