Lectures, presentations and panels (a selection)

'Designing Our Common Future: New frontiers in design' (2014) Aalto University FI, Sept 9.

'Practice-led Research in Design' (2014) Goldsmiths, University of London UK, Jul 8.

'Design and Social Innovation – Ecologies of Practice' (2014) Architecture + Feminisms symposium, Architectural Humanities Research Association, KTH Royal Institute of Technology SE, Jan 27.

'Design as Politics' (2013) Design (R)Evolution conference, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw PL, Nov 24.

'Design as Material and Social Practice' (2013) public lecture at HDK Göteborg University SE, Nov 8.

'Our Common Future? Political questions for designing social innovation' (2013) Docent lecture (qualifying lecture for appointment to associate professor), Malmö University SE, Oct 17.

'Altering practices – Socio-political and participatory engagement' (2013) lecture for the Architecture and Gender course, KTH School of Architecture and the Built Environment SE, Oct 9.

'Politics of Design' (2013) lecture for the seminar opening the R-URBAN project by atelier d'architecture autogéré, the City of Colombes and PublicWorks FR, Jun 28.

'Critical Practices' (2013) lecture for the Design Interactions program, Royal College of Art UK, Apr 24.

'Design Futures' (2013) Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton UK, Apr 22

'Material and Political Matters in Interaction Design' (2013) IT University of Copenhagen DK, Apr 11.

'From the Public to the Commons' (2013) panelist in a public roundtable moderated by atelier d'architecture autogéré and studioBASAR, hosted by the Romanian Cultural Institute SE, Mar 21.

'Design and Change' (2013) Institute for Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University UK, Mar 19.

'Design and Change' (2013) lecture for the MA Design Futures course at Goldsmiths University of London UK, Mar 18.

'Design Practices and the Micropolitics of Sustainability' (2013) Georgia University of Technology US, Feb 19.

'Design Practices and the Micropolitics of Sustainability' (2013) presentation for Architecture in Effect - Rethinking the Social in Architecture, a symposium at the Umeå School of Architecture SE, Feb 6-8.

'Perspectives on Sustainable Development and Design' (2013) lecture for the Center for Sustainable Development at Uppsala University SE, Jan 24.

'Design and Change' (2013) Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology NL, Nov 29.

‘Sustainable Design: Expanding the role of design in society’ (2012) public lecture at Beckmans College of Design SE, Oct 30.

‘Sustainability and Critical Design Practices’ (2012) seminar for the MA Industrial Design program, Konstfack SE, Oct 29.

‘Design Practices and the Micro-Politics of Sustainability’ (2012) presentation in the track 'Design, STS and Cosmopolitics' at the 4S-EASST conference (Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science, 4S, held jointly with European Association for the Study of Science and Technology, EASST), Copenhagen DK, Oct 18.

‘Designing Social Innovation’ (2012) lab talk at the IDStudioLab, Delft University of Technology NL, Oct 3.

'Designing Social Innovation' (2012) lecture for the Media Design Matters program, Art Center College of Design US, May 18.

'Social Sustainability' (2012) seminar at the Design Research Salon, hosted by the IIT Institute of Design at Doblin / Monitor Group, Chicago US, Apr 18.

'Design Roles in Sustainable Development' (2012) lecture for the public 'In the Loop' series, hosted by IIT Institute of Design and featured on the 'Public and Collaborative' archive of Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS), Chicago US, Apr 10.

'Designing Social Innovation' (2012) public lecture, hosted by the Danish Design School, Copenhagen DL, Mar 21.

'Values and Design' (2012) lecture for the game design program, Communication, Media and IT department, Södertörn University SE, Feb 22.

'DESIGN ACT – Social and political design roles' (2012) with M. Ericson, seminar for the Industrial Design department and public lecture, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design SE, Jan 26.

'Design Form in/as Social Discourse' (2011) in the public lecture series 'The Uneasiness in Gestaltung', hosted by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and designaustria, Vienna AU, Nov 4.

'DESIGN ACT Socially and politically engaged design today' (2011) presentation at the book launch at ExperimentaDesign'11, Lisbon PT, Sept 30.

'DESIGN ACT Seminar 4' (2010) presentation and panelist, Iaspis / Konstnärsnamnden SE, Jun 16, 2010.

'Sustainable Design and Research at the Interactive Institute' (2010) seminar, Interaction Research Studio, Goldsmiths, University of London UK, Jan 19.

'(In)Forming Interaction Design Research' (2009), lecture for the 'Steering Courses and Discourses' forum, hosted by the Design Research Network forum and Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Berlin DE, Nov 16.

'RE:Thinking Sustainability' (2009) lecture in the symposium 'Challenging the Future: Designing for Sustainable Living and Work', hosted by the ID-Studiolab at the Delft University of Technology NL, Oct 28.

'Practice-based PhD Research' (2009) seminar for doctoral students, Oslo School of Architecture and Design NO, Oct 12.

'Objectified' (2009) panelist in a public discussion at the Stockholm launch of the movie by Gary Hustwit, hosted by Research & Development, Konstfack and the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship SE, Sept 21.

'Forming Sustainability' (2009) lecture at the 'Ego to Eco' seminar for diploma students, School of Architecture, KTH Royal Institute of Technology SE, Aug 27.

'Occupying Time' (2009) lecture for the PhD course on research methodologies in architecture and design, KTH Royal Institute of Technology SE, Feb 8.

'Critical of What?' (2008) presentation at the Forum on Design and Critical Practice, produced by Iaspis (the Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Programme for Visual Arts) SE, Dec 14.

'Designing (for) Society' (2008) lecture, Interactive Institute's 10-year anniversary seminar, Stockholm, SE, Dec 3.

'Technology as Design Material' (2008) lecture, hosted by the SPIRE research center at the Mads Clausen Institute, Sønderborg DK, Nov 6.

'Play and the Everyday' (2005) seminar at the Future Design Days festival SE, Nov 14.

'Designing the Future' (2005) public lecture for a seminar of the Swedish Institute for Growth Policy Studies, hosted by the Swedish Ministry for Industry and Trade, Los Angeles US, April 6.

'Increasing Energy Awareness through Design' (2005) lecture, Swedish Energy Conference 'Energitinget', Eskilstuna SE, Mar 10.

'Artistic Strategies and Technological Materials' (2004) lecture in the 'Pixelspaces' symposium, hosted by the Ars Electronica futurelab, Linz AU, Sept 4.

'Energy as Design Material' (2004) lecture series for the 'Care' MA studio, School of Design and Crafts at Göteborg University SE, Sept-Oct.

'Beyond Form Follows Function: Designing Interaction' (2004) public and industry seminar, Medieteknik, KTH Royal Institute of Technology SE, Mar 25.

'Public Play Spaces' (2004) lecture in the 'Keeping it Real' seminar hosted by the Living Art Museum and the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, Reykjavik IS, Mar 21.

'Work in Progress: The Interaction Design of Tomorrow' (2004) lecture for the 'DIG IT' industrial event, Business Region Göteborg SE, Mar 2.

This is a selection - it also does not include lectures within my courses nor presentations at conferences.