Outside In: Emerging expressions, interventions, and participation in public space, symposium (Göteborg, Sweden, June 14-15, 2004).

Outside In was motivated by the increasing range of technologies and policies, including mobile technologies, surveillance systems, social norms and formal regulations that affect who can express themselves in public space and how. "With the phrase 'public space' we acknowledge that spaces, as phrases, are constructed, and that public space is not born, it is intentionally and actively produced... 'Public' spaces such as our familiar parks and plazas, the 'grand plan' of cities such as those designed by Abercrombie, even 'public spaces' in cyberspace, are, for the most part, products of institutions, govenrnments, and corporations, which in many cases are private or exclusive systems. Working consciously in relation to public space, we negotiate a position, outside or inside, both or neither, to the structures and strategies of such systems" – excerpt from my text in the conference proceedings.

Participants included major international voices in public art and grafitti, design and architecture, activism and urban planning, social sciences and politics. Speakers included: Akim, Iain Borden, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Usman Hacque, Katherine Moriwaki, Amy Franceschini, Michael Rakowitz, Pedro Sepulveda, Space Hijakers, Swoon, Jocko Weyland, and Zevs. Workhshop leaders included: Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Sara Hodges, Katherine Moriwaki, Dietmar Offenhuber, Ruskig, Swoon, Tele, Daniel Rehn, and Linda Worbin. Performances included: Daniel Skogland, Prosperous, Magnus Haglund, nim, and Pierre Proske. The combination of presentation, workshop, panel and performance formats
engaged people from a wide variety of disciplines in sharing and creating together. The symposium proceedings featured abstracts and bios, commissioned writings and documentation of an exhibition at the Valand School of Fine Arts featuring materials produced over the 2-day event.

My role
Margot Jacobs was the symposium director, which was part of the Public Play Spaces project platform at the Interactive Institute. I was co-organizer, business liason, a moderator, and I authored two texts for the proceedings. Outside In was organized by the Interactive Institute, the Röda Sten Culture Project, Everwanting Streets, and funded in part by the Nordic Culture Fund.

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