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14:00 Sunday, Nov 2
Dialog with Aciliyet Mektebi / Studio of Urgency
SALT Beyoğlu
Aciliyet Mektebi is an autonomous pedagogic laboratory space initiated by Ahmet Öğüt. It started with an urgent need to rethink alternative models for the current education system in Turkey. It aims to engage the existing capacity of knowledge between professionals and students and turn itself into a collective learning center. Its first hosting venue is SALT Beyoğlu.

11:30 Monday, Nov 3
Dialogue with Aslı Kıyak İngin (architect, founder In.FORMAL academy and Made in Şişhane)
Biennial HUB
IN.FORMAL academy builds on the craft network sustainability project Made in Şişhane. As an open academy, new possibilities regarding city, design and production are examined; through activities that follow and trigger each other, sharing of mutual knowledge and experience, and environments of collective production are created. A series of dynamic actions are realized during the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial.

15:00 Monday, Nov 3
Dialog with Kadambari Baxi (professor, co-founder WBYA? (Who Builds Your Architecture?) and Mabel Wilson (associate professor, co-founder WBYA?)
Biennial HUB
As part of Gulf Labor's 52 Weeks campaign, WBYA ? proposed expanding the human rights standards. For the biennial, WBYA? presents their manifesto for debate, asking visitors to rethink the standards and norms of labor, design and construction practices in an international context, and challenges to architects to reflect on how their building impact society not only through aesthetics and fuction but also in their very construction.

16:00 Monday, Nov 3
Dialogue with Selva Gürdogan (director Studio X Istanbul; architect and co-founder SUPERPOOL) and Gregers Tang Thomsen (architect and co-founder SUPERPOOL)
Studio-X Istanbul is an off-campus event space and urban futures think tank run by the Columbia University GSAPP, part of the Studio-X Global Initiative. This week Studio X hosts the exhibition Air Manifest: Los Angeles 1955, 1965 and the Biennial project Who Builds Your Architecture?.

11:00 Tuesday, Nov 4
Dialogue with Serkan Taycan (artist)
Café Karabatak, Karaköy
Video recording
In the project Between Two Seas, photography artist Serkan Taycan created a 60-kilometer-long walking route around Istanbul that centers on what the rural areas, the suburban parts and the center of the city looked like during the 2000s while Turkey was undergoing tremendous social and economic changes. His current work documents public spaces in Istanbul.

16:00 Tuesday, Nov 4
Public presentation with guests Cenk Dereli (architect, co-founder Architecture for All and Kontraakt project), Gökhan Karakuş (designer, theorist and critic, curator Hyperarchaic Tectonics) and Meriç Öner (architect and associate director of research and programs, SALT)
Biennial HUB
Magnus Ericson, Meike Schalk and Ramia Mazé from UTOPIA NOW HERE present the projects DESIGN ACT, Action Archive, and Switch! Energy Futures. Discussion take place in a round-table format with invited guests exploring approaches, methods, materialities and problematics of utopics in practice. Audience contributions warmly welcomed!

12:00 Wedesday, Nov 5
Live broadcast dialogue with Cenk Dereli and Yelta Köm (architects, co-founder Architecture for All and Kontraakt project)
Biennial HUB
Cenk and Yelta are co-founders ofArchitecture for All, working with inclusive and participatory projects with local communities. Through the collaborative Kontraakt project for the Biennial, they experiments with alternative forms of dialogue and exhibition through broadcast and interactive platforms.

16:00 Wednesday, Nov 5
Dialogue with Cem Kozar and Işıl Ünal (architects, co-founders PATTU)
Biennial HUB
PATTU is active in the fields of architecture, urban research, exhibition design and graphic design. The core of each project consists of extensive research, interpretation of the subject, content design and implementation. Projects such as Ghost Buildings and Istanbul-O-Matic investigate alternative pasts and futures of the city through exhibition and interactive design.
14:00 Friday, Oct 31
Biennial HUB
The Future of Design Manifestos, Zoë Ryan with Aric Chen, Alison Clarke, Fiona Raby, Craig Buckley

19:00 Friday, Oct 31
SALT Beyoğlu
Graphic program, Vasif Kortun with Prem Krishnamurthy, Benjamin Reichen

14:00 Saturday, Nov 1
Biennial HUB
Designers in Dialogue, with Jessica Charlesworth & Tim Parsons, Kadambari Baxi, Mabel Wilson and others

16:30 Saturday, Nov 1
Biennial HUB
The Future of Exhibitions, Zoë Ryan with Paola Antonelli, Jan Boelen, Vasif Kortun, Prem Krishnamurthy

18:00 Saturday, Nov 1
Opening of 'Hyperarchaic Tectonics' exhibition curated by Gökhan Karakuş

18:30 Saturday, Nov 1
Studio X Istanbul
Exhibition 'Air Manifest: Los Angeles, 1955, 1965’ by Mark Wasiuta

16:30 Sunday, Nov 2
Biennial HUB
The Future of Publishing, Meredith Carruthers with Adam Michaels, Can & Aslı Altay, Twtrate, Simon Johnson

16:00 Sun, Nov 2
Studio X Istanbul
Who Builds Your Architecture? with Kıvanç Eliaçık, Beth Styker, Elif İnce, Kadambari Baxi, Mabel Wilson, Yaşar Adanalı