Maria Hellström Reimer (SE), PhD, is professor in design theory and practice at Malmö University in Sweden, director of studies at D!esignfakultaten, the Swedish Faculty for Design Research, and former member of the Swedish Research Council's Committee for Artistic Research. She has a broad interest in creativity, knowledge production and societal issues, which has led her from actively practicing in the field of visual art to the field of design research. She currently coordinates and participates in a number of interdisciplinary research projects within design, architecture, visual and urban studies. She takes active part in the development and coordination of international research initiatives in Denmark, USA, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Serbia, and, during spring 2012, will be visiting professor at Université de Paris 8 in France. She co-curated with Nils Svensk, Gunnar Sandin, and Fredrik Torisson the Utopian Talk-Show Line-Up by Sophie Warren and Jonathan Mosley at Moderna Museet, Malmö, in 2014.

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